8 Things To Look Out For In Punisher Season 2

With the second season of The Punisher likely releasing in under a month, it seems like an appropriate time to accumulate a list for things to keep a sharp eye on heading into the shows second outing. With the recent speculation of the transfer from Netflix to Disney for all the marvel shows, it seems like an intriguing time to speculate what to expect from the shows second season.

8.Release Date?

Still very much unspecified is the release date for The Punishers Second season release date. With the speculated release confirming that it’ll be in the month of January it seems a little weird that it hasn’t been promoted heavier. The initial finish date for filming was around August but we still don’t have a conclusive date in which the show will release.

This is just minor nitpicking but it’d be nice to know when a show will air so that your not already caught up in another show on day of release. The show will likely announce its release early january. (This list was made late december.)


With Billy Russo being allowed to live it’s quite clear he is set make a return likely as the main antagonist in season 2. Within the Marvel comics Billy Russo was nothing more than an assassin that killed Frank’s family per order from higher ups. Frank would leave him disfigured which would destroy his mental stability as he was no longer the gorgeous killer the beaut. While we know the shows don’t take the comics as words of the bible, they do however vaguely use plots and characters from its source material.

Expect Billy Russo to return with the new persona of Jigsaw. Right now he maybe in a coma but sooner rather than later expect him to fully recover and be a major antagonist in the shows second season.

6. Anderson Schultz

Not much is known about this soon to be introduced character in the Marvel Universe. All we know is that he will likely not favor Frank’s war against crime. Expect Schultz to be another major antagonist in the show. Most of what’s known about him comes from wiki, here’s what we found.

“Anderson Schultz is a wealthy and powerful man who’s grown accustomed to getting his way. His power and legacy are of prime importance, and he’ll implement less-than-legal means to further those ends.”

While very vague and some would say generic, this would at least confirm that Anderson Schultz won’t be an ally to Frank.

5. An Unhappy Ending Family Reunion

We waited a whole season to finally get the payoff of Micro finally reuniting with his family. It was one of the few moments in the show where something truly touched our hearts as his wife broke down and started to hit Micro in tears of joy. Well this reunion may not last long as in the comics Micro’s son is killed in an exchange. It could be possible that the scene is adapted into the show to kill of his entire family but i digress. This will obviously be a big character moment for micro and may even lead him into a different direction going forward…

4. Micro Has A Change Of Heart

The death of his family much like in the comics would lead Micro to question his allegiance with Punisher. He’ll begin to see that the Punisher is going further and further from their initial goal of justice. The death of loved and Punisher going astray could lead to a darker tone for Micro where Punisher in his eyes becomes the thing he sought out to stop.

Seeing as this very well maybe the final season of Punisher it’s safe to say they wouldn’t hold back on story development. It seems fitting to crescendo everything here neatly in a bow. Having a complex story with Micro and Frank will help the show reach the emotional depth it was lacking in the shows first outing.

3. Cameos

With the cancellation of three of the five marvel shows it fair to assume we won’t be seeing the characters from said shows in further seasons of their respective shows. Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil all had to end on a high note while satisfying audience. All three shows left room for another season following the events of each shows final outing. While they may not return on Netflix for the foreseeable future, they could drop in and out on continuing shows like Punisher and Jessica Jones.

The inclusion of characters such as Foggy, Matt and Luke are all desirable and can be used as fan service for those who complain about not seeing their favourite heroes for further exploration. Punisher has already introduced Karen to his universe, which can be a gateway to introduce further fan favourites. A mini defenders reunion of sorts maybe? Or is that asking too much.

2. Frank’s Death

Man Frank’s been through a lot hasn’t he, from a troop to family man to The Punisher to just another guy now. Refusing to share a family bonding moment with Micro at the end of Season 1 seemed to imply he was all alone. What’s there to be desired from Frank as a character, he has nothing and has accomplished everything. No longer the man on a mission for revenge anymore but also nothing to live for. Frank stands at a crossroads right now, where the source of conflict is no longer his inner inability to have a clear conscious knowing the killers of his family are out there. The source of conflict must come from antagonists seeking him for their own personal displeasurement. Frank’s journey ended in season 1 and now he must face the repercussions of his actions in the second season.

Frank has already considered not living further as he himself has come to terms with he has nothing. The show definitely isn’t one where happiness seems to be in Frank’s near future as by end of Daredevil Season 2 and Season 1 of Punisher he’s in a place with nothing. The death of Frank would also imply the end of The Punisher..

  1. Cancellation

It at this point seems inevitable doesn’t it? I mean with the cancellation of 3 of the 5 shows so far, it’s looking a bit paint by the numbers. With the following season of Punisher looking to be the shows last, at least under the Netflix banner. Even so if the Disney streaming service is to be as family friendly as speculated by some, than it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing much more of the Anti-Hero for further installments. This is quite sad as the show if not a little political at times was actually quite unique to other Marvel shows outings. It depicted it’s protagonist as a character that had little care for societal standards and more for personal gains.

It’s easy being bad and hard being good but it’s more difficult being ambiguous. Where the depiction is left to a point where the audience decides the evil and good of a character. Audience interpretation and the ability to judge yourself is important and you feel progressive with the story. Frank Castle was just that and we can’t wait to see the final chapter of his journey and wait for a satisfying conclusion to Frank crusade against crime.

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