5 Ufc Fights That Must Happen In 2019

The Ufc is home to some of the greatest combat fighters to walk the planet and proves that there is nothing fans love more than two fighters fighting till a victor emerges. As good as watching two randoms go at it is, ufc is at its finest when you take the biggest and best stars the sport has to offer and pit them against each other. Some of the biggest fights we have had this year cemented legends like when Cormier knocked out Stipe or when the invincible Mcgregor met a big russian bear who turned out to be his kryptonite in Khabib.

Despite the ufc rolling out superfight after superfight and main events that could main event any mma promotion throughout history they still have many unexplored legendary match ups. Signings, missed opportunities or even just unexpected changes have led to these being possible. We will take a look today at the top 5 ufc fights that need to happen in 2019.

A few ground rules i tried to follow when it came to this list was i wanted it to be realistic no point in trying to make Jon Jones vs Mcgregor or Bellator vs Ufc. These are quality match ups which i and the majority of people wanna see but no cm punk there’s only so much room now that’s covered lets begin with……

5. Tyron Woodley vs Colby Covington

Number 5 is an easy one because it’s inevitable i could almost guarantee this will be happening next year. Tyron Woodley despite all the disrespect truly is one of the greatest welterweights to step in the octagon. I underestimated Tyron his entire career but when he became only 1 of 2 guys to knock out Robbie Lawler I had to take note and after winning the belt he continues to show us why we could be watching the greatest welterweight of all time. Since winning the belt he has been unstoppable he had two victories that went the distance vs Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson than he dispatched of Demian Maia and Darren Till in two pretty comfortable victories.

At this point there is only one real opponent we want him to fight and that’s Mr Chaos himself Colby Covington, the loud and outspoken star has been on a collision course and has won his last 6 fights. He has dispatched Demian Maia and won the interim title by defeating Rafael Dos Anjos by decision.  It just adds to the excitement when both men only want one fight and that’s with each other, there’s no love, lost and we for one can’t wait.

If I were to predict this fight I’d have to go with Woodley.

4. Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier

After many road bumps it about time we get this super fight to round of the trilogy. Both men hold claims to being the best in their division. Daniel Cormier has recently been labelled one of the best to ever step foot in Uff period. Jon Jones is the party boy that had everything and threw it away his redemption can solidify him at the top of MMA’s mount rushmore if he beats Gustafsson than conquers Cormier. Daniel Cormier has accomplished everything the sport has to offer win streaks, domination and of course being a double champion the only blemish on his record is Jon Jones and if he redeems himself in the trilogy fight, I don’t think he can be denied his spot as the goat in the sport.

I genuinely believe that this is a battle for the greatest, these two have accomplished everything, Joe Rogan said it best calling this the Ali Frazier of mma. The thing I love about this is cormier is single handedly making this one of my most anticipated fights ever. Cormier has said previously he can’t be the greatest until he beats Jones and until Jones beats Cormier he can’t be number one despite him already believing he is at the top of the mountain.

Jon Jones is my favourite mma fighter of all time but I can’t bet against DC in this case he’s had two attempts to get it right and he finally has his shot as he’s at the top of his game and division with an upcoming super fight with Lesnar.

3. Ben Askren vs Anyone

Ben Askren, what can I say about this man he is yet to have a fight yet and i think he is already electric, he has a hefty resume and in my opinion is to the welterweight division what Fedor is to the heavyweight division. The mentality of a fighter is a big factor with them as well which I love him calling out every elite ufc fighter the moment he was signed and people he questioned his intent he picked Robbie Lawler as his first fight.

I’m gonna run down four fights we want him to have before he hangs it up. Ben Askren vs Donald Cerrone the cowboy has the most stoppages and wins in ufc history if Ben beats Robbie Lawler for the legacy this should be step two. Step three is capturing the title Askren vs Woodley is a must, than if he defeats Tyron Woodley…

George St Pierre vs Ben Askren, the battle that fans have wanted forever. You ask one hundred die hard ufc fans who is the greatest welterweight of all time. Nine times out of ten a split between these two men, similar styles, similar dominance so evenly matched. I cant even make a prediction it’s that close you could flip a coin. Gun to my head i would pick Askren maybe because of ring rust.

2. Conor Mcgregor vs Nate Diaz

Conor Mcgregor vs Nate Diaz is most fans favourite rivalry cause it’s such a deep feud that runs deep. Nate genuinely feels like Mcgregor turned this into a circus, he was defeating people before they even entered the octagon, not Nate however, he asked for this fight and he didn’t let Mcgregor get in his head, Nate choked him out after Connor was gassed.

Then came many fans favourite fight in ufc history a battle where no man backed down, they rocked eachother for five rounds. The build up was hugely entertaining, some of the most fun trash talk and press conferences in ufc history and at the end of the day they couldn’t stop each other it went to a decision which could of gone either way but Mcgregor walked away the victorious one.

The rubber match a staple of all combat sports is what we need to know who the best out of these two men is. Diaz has made it quite clear thats this is the fight he wants the mma gods even seem to want this i mean just look at Dustin the two ufc gangsters need to finish the war this can’t be left open and after his loss to Khabib this is the fight Mcgregor needs. A loss back could prove catastrophic.

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson

The similarities between these two are insane, the insane training regimes, the winning streaks the caliber of opponents. This is the fight to make the mauler vs the energizer bunny, the cursed fight will finally come to fruition in the matchup of the year. It’s nearly happened four times but I’m glad they didn’t because these fighters have only improved el cucuy and khabib are tied for longest winning streak in lightweight history something’s gotta give.

Khabib is a middleweight stuck in a lightweights body, he has strength that is unmatched and some of the best wrestling in ufc history and no one can argue his hot streak is unmatched hitting supernova levels after more or less dominating Mcgregor, even winning the striking exchanges. Khabib game plan is clear but no matter how hard you try you can’t stop this man.

How do you stop an unbeatable game plan you throw everything at the wall and see what sticks and the man to do that is Tony Ferguson he has some of the most strange and unique moves we have ever seen and probably one of the best gas tank in ufc history. Thankfully for him because khabibs gas tank is the only thing that really affects his gameplan. When it comes to my prediction i’m not going to lie Tony Ferguson is my favourite ufc fighter I want him to win but, I cant bet against Khabib 27-0 never lost a round, stylewise Mcgregor was his hardest matchup and he dominated him I want el cucuy to walk out lightweight champion but you can’t bet against Khabib

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