How To Train Your Dragon 3 The Lost World Review (Bittersweet Ending)

After 3 whole Movies and a few Tv Shows set between them, the How To Train Your Dragon Saga comes to a satisfying close. While not as emotional as prior installments, it really felt like an end of an era of sorts of the franchise. The franchise is much beloved for its characters and plot. Hiccup the chief of Berk isn’t the same Hiccup that befriended the Night Fury and helped Berk settle peace with the dragons. A well thought out trilogy of movies that were set up with story in mind, the director only agreed to make the second movie in the trilogy if he’s able to work on a trilogy and no more.

While the big bad in the movie felt a bit same same from the previous movie villian with the motives being a little thin, Grimmel the Grisly was still an entertaining villain to watch on screen and a fun antagonist to Hiccups peace resolution. However still quite silly how one little threat was enough for the people of Berk to decide to relocate. However it can be argued it was a long time coming as the threats to Berk had increased, especially if you follow the Tv Series. Finding a second Night Fury has been teased for a while now and finally seeing Toothless interact with the Light Fury were genuinely some of the franchises most heartwarming moments.

It’s been quite a journey for the fans of the franchise as it really felt like an ending with little chance of a return for the franchise. Everything was tied in a bow nicely as Toothless finds his home as the human’s aren’t ready for dragons. The story transitions from Hiccup to Toothless as he’s the centerpiece of the story here. We have gotten from learning to live with dragon’s to defending them, from embrace to freedom. The franchise has done such an amazing job making each character’s personal and storyline standing completely different from the last. There’s just so much depth to every character from their tv shows to movies. If this is your first experience of the franchise than you’ll not be entertained or invested as someone who would’ve. That’s the reward of watching this movie, it’s so engraved with story and character.

Maybe a few years down the road we’ll be able to revisit this franchise with a new installment, in the now fantastic trilogy. Now that the dragons have found a place for themselves, it seems the timeless tale of boy meets dragon has been put on hold for a while but with an optimistic ending there’s always hope for the franchise. May not be mentioned in future but this is one hell of an underrated trilogy.

Rating: ****1/4

An early nominee for best animated movie of 2019 but it dam deserves it. A movie for both adults and children to enjoy, if you follow the story it’s easy to be invested disregarding age. Visually stunning How To Train Your Dragon finishes the trilogy with a fantastic but sad movie.

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