Glass Review

Glass concludes the somewhat ambitious Eastrail 177 trilogy. Glass has been negatively praised for its final act which has many fans disgruntled by the fact that it’s an unnecessary and farfetched twist that the movie could’ve gone without and has soured many fans of the franchise. The ending was a mess as it saw the son of Bruce Willis character, help to see through the plan construed by Mr Glass himself, who was the main evil for David Dunn. The ending I do believe is over hated but it can leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth who’ve watched Unbreakable and Split, that didn’t expect those stories to be dragged for another movie.

The performances of James Mcavoy is heads and shoulders the movies biggest strength, he is captivating in his seamless transition between his alter egos. Capturing each personalities psychology and comedic relief for whatever scene that requires it. Samuel L Jackson also gives in a good performance but it’s all that we’ve seen so far in Unbreakable, no one’s gonna put this up with his illustrious careers best. Bruce Willis sadly disappointed as he’s written to be somewhat bland and generic but it may almost be by design of the character as it’s parodying comics. The knight in shining armour doesn’t captivate as much as the foes they face. It’s a generic trope for comic fans to not be into the do gooder heroes such as Superman, while Batman is praised for his ability to tell stories. I’d like to believe that Bruce was written like this on purpose. However the action was clunky at best likely due to his age, it was just a test of strength with pushing and cut away punches for the most part.

The first half of the movie was yell paced and highly entertaining but the second half got into this trap of dragging out bits unnecessarily that weren’t required, although it did have a cool twist that’s connected to the Eastrail 177 incident. The movie ends in a way that makes it quite clear it’s the final installment with an unlikely sequel. The final moments make or break the movie for most, I’d say what preceded was good enough where it didn’t sour my mouth like others but it was a twist the movie could’ve probably done without. The optimistic, confusing and character psychology flawed ending was unneeded, only added just to perceive the character the movies named after as the main character in the story. To make it seem that it’s a movie of Mr Glass while it was for the most part the James Mcavoy show. He had more screen time and was more interesting than anyone else. There were other characters that were part of the story but for the most part they played a minor or non memorable role, with the exception of Sarah Paulson who played the psychiatrist of these 3.

Rating: ***½

Overall the movie is worth a watch if you enjoy James Mcavoy in Split or Samuel L Jackson in Unbreakable because these are similar performances. It’s easy to get caught up in hype and look for flaws in the movie but it’s generally a well thought of movie that does like most superhero movies gets trapped in the final 3rd act where certain tropes begin to show. For example the story of self doubt was forgotten later for a bigger fight scene. This tower that had been mentioned a lot was seemingly never visited, as the movie bait and switched. The performances of Mr Glass and The Hoard are strong enough to carry the movies where the third act drops.

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